Wire Rope Inspection

Wire ropes are typically critical for plant operation with no redundancy. Following the traditional replacement strategy can be a costly choice with premature replacement and unplanned downtime costs proving monumental.

The smarter strategy is routine inspection and condition monitoring; allowing for the replacement of the assets to be strategically managed, maximising rope lifetime and minimising downtime.

Wire rope MFL is a replacement for the slow process of visual inspection, which is difficult due to lubrication products and inability to detect internal breakages. We utilise the latest Residual Field Magnetic Flux Leakage Technique. Residual Field MFL works through the inspection and analysis of the residual magnetic field of a magnetised ferromagnetic wire rope. Changes in magnetic flux are detected where defects are present in the rope due to a change in cross sectional area (broken wires, corrosion or abrasion) or a change in permeability due to work hardening (fatigue).

See more information at our dedicated Wire Rope Website: www.wireropeinspections.com.au

Wire Rope Inspection

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