API 653 Tank Inspection

ARI have API 653 Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction certified inspectors and engineers. ARI are able to assist with recommendations on industry best practice in regards to the management of your tank assets.

As part of our API 653 service we are able to provide a full inspection service including assisting with calculating inspection frequencies with risk based inspection plans, developing scopes of work and detailing recommended repairs following inspection.

ARI are able to work in a broad range of tank industries including petroleum, chemical, water and more.

Supporting NDT inspection techniques may be necessary to determine tank integrity, such as MFL floor scanning, ultrasonic wall thickness measurement, vacuum box testing, magnetic particle testing, radiography and wall scanners; all of which can be performed by ARI.

Please contact ARI to discuss your tank inspection needs.

Tank Scan
Tank Floor Scan

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