Pressure Vessel In-service Inspection

State and federal legislation requires the regular in-service inspection of pressure vessels in accordance with AS/NZS3788 to ensure continued safe use.

The frequencies of inspection vary depending on the vessel type however this is usually every two years.  Further detail is provided in AS/NZS3788 Table 4.1 that lists internal and external intervals specific for each pressure vessel type.

It is the responsibility of the user (entity), who in most cases is also the owner of the equipment, to ensure the inspection is performed and is current.

Inspectors must be “competent persons”, the WA OH&S Regulations prescribe the definition of a competent person as listed in AS/NZS3788, which prescribes specific training and/or certification.  Our AICIP, API and ASME certified inspectors meet this definition and are competent in pressure equipment inspections.

Our degree qualified Inspection Engineers can assist with more difficult inspections such as fitness for service assessments and risk-based inspection plans such as non-intrusive internal inspection supported by NDT.

Please contact ARI to discuss your pressure vessel inspection needs.

Air Receiver
Boiler Inspection

Any air receiver at a workplace must be inspected as stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act making it a legislative requirement. The inspections are required to be performed by In-service Inspectors of pressure equipment, such as our certified inspectors. The frequencies for these inspections are normally two yearly as per AS/NZS3788 Table 4.1.  The reason for this all inclusive requirement is because the OH&S Regulations definition of Pressure Equipment requiring inspection, being any pressure vessel with a hazard level of A,B,C,D as per AS4343.  This requirement essentially captures air receivers in the workplace, regardless if they require individual item registration.

Portable Compressor

The process of producing wine requires several types of pressure vessels,  these include but are not limited to grape presses, air receivers and chillers.  These vessels fall under the OH&S Regulations definition of “Pressure Equipment” requiring inspection, being any pressure vessel with a hazard level of A,B,C,D as per AS4343.

ARI can assist with all pressure vessel owner responsibilities by inspecting pressure vessels, calculating hazard levels and assisting owners with item registration requirements.

Grape Press

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