Phased Array

Boiler Tube Weld Testing

ARI are leaders when it comes to the take up of new technology. We have invested in small diameter pipe scanners to better service the power generation industry.  The scanners eliminate the need for radiation. Testing can therefore be performed during normal working hours without disruption to other work crews and without radiation exclusion boundaries. Our system is capable of inspecting small diameter pipe/tube welds, ranging from 20mm-115mm. It has a low profile to operate within gaps as small as 16mm, making it suitable for boiler tube inspection.

The equipment allows ARI to rapidly inspect welds in accordance with fabrication codes with the added benefit of producing a permanent digital record.

Corrosion Mapping

Curtin University of Technology research suggests that corrosion may be costing the Australian economy more than $30 billion each year, much of which is preventable. ARI have the latest in corrosion detection and mapping technology with phased array wheel probes and dual linear array probes with a resolution depth from 2mm. Both these units generate C scan images for our reports that clearly show the extend/depth of corrosion found.

Our equipment can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous material. It is extremely portable and due to its size can be used in access restricted areas when compared to larger automated scanners.

Please contact ARI to discuss your phased array ultrasonic testing needs.

Phased Array Wheel Probe

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