Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current inspection is leading the industry for in-service inspections on coated components.  Without using eddy current you can be spending large sums of money removing and reapplying surface coatings to perform magnetic particle testing or penetrant testing.

Additionally ARI also have eddy current tube testing capability.

Eddy current has the ability to detect surface breaking defects such as in-service cracking under non metallic surface finishes and is second to none in this field. With the same level of portability as ultrasonic testing due to it being small and battery operated the equipment can easily be utilised in limited access areas and is heavily used with rope access inspection.

Eddy current will easily differentiate between paint stress “cracking” and real in-service cracking without the need to remove the existing coating.

Eddy current testing is also allowed to be use in lieu of magnetic particle for fabrication/production welds on pressure equipment built to Australian Standards AS1210, AS4041 and examined against AS4037.

ARI have competent, AINDT certified technicians who are highly experienced in eddy current inspections of in-service equipment including cranes, excavators, shovels and bridges.

Please contact ARI to discuss your eddy current testing needs.

ET Testing
ET Test

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